The Advantages of Mobile and Wireless Printing

With the constant upgrading of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, mobile and wireless printing are now becoming a norm. With it’s many advantages, this comes as no surprise. If you aren’t using this technology yet, here are some reasons you should.

  • Mobility
  • These days, doing business on the go is SOP. Working on your mobile devices from almost anywhere provides flexibility and efficiency. It can even be more convenient for some people to do tasks on laptops, tabs, and phones rather than on desktop PCs.

    By being able to print from their mobile devices, they can get even more work done and at a faster rate. You no longer have to be physically near a printer. You also don’t have to plug in your computer to the printing machine using cables. You can do wireless printing while doing other things needed for your scheduled meeting, or you can simply just sit down and take a break.

  • Minimalism
  • Several, if not all, wireless printers are designed with multiple functions aside from printing. Copying, scanning, and even faxing are put altogether in one single machine. Aside from that, wireless printing of documents can be done through email. You simply send the document to the printer.

    You don’t have to crowd your workspace with several types of office equipment and messy wires. Instead, you can have one wireless machine and a clean, streamlined, no-fuss, and minimalist office.

  • Cost-Efficient in the Long Run
  • Wireless printers, especially laser printers are often considered a major investment because of its higher cost compared to other types. Laser printers (depending on the brand) may also require expensive ink toners and other consumables. However, these kinds of printers may become less expensive in the long run because of their efficiency in toners and energy consumption. These printers are mostly made of durable materials which are made to last as well.

  • No more wires
  • Going wireless means you don’t have to deal with messy cables. It even saves you from clutter, especially when there so many desktop PCs and laptops have to connect to your printer. With mobile printing, you just need a reliable internet network so you can connect your device to the printing machine. Maintaining a clean and organized workspace will be so much easier.

  • Internet and Cloud-Based Printing
  • Cloud-based printing involves the process of retrieving your files from online data storage centers and sending them to your printer. This means that your file is printed directly from the Cloud. With most high-end wireless printers, you can even print while you are away from the machine as long as you are virtually connected to it.

Need to give a hardcopy of your report to your boss before a meeting but still stuck doing carpooling duties? No problem, just send your files to your office network and press ‘print’. The printouts can be ready even before you set foot in your building.

Stay Productive Always

By using wireless or mobile printers with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can maximize your precious time for both your business and personal life. You don’t have to always rush yourself because you had to run to the office to prepare hardcopies of documents for your client presentation. Mobile and wireless printing gives you the freedom and flexibility you need in this fast-paced world.

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